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Jean Simmons






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Marketing On-Demand


Since beginning my journey in marketing and communications outreach, my dedication and motivation have led me to exceptional projects and experiences, from successfully pioneering the first online yellow pages for a major telecommunications company, to leading the marketing strategy for a small non-profit in online higher education, pivoting it to a fully self-sustaining and thriving organization.


Whether you need a full marketing strategy, weekly social media posting, content creation or any type of on-demand marketing support, I am ready to help. My services cover a full spectrum of marketing essentials including website editing (page or section-building, navigation, design direction), content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, marketing automation, mobile marketing, metrics and analytics analysis, segment marketing, Google ads, Google analytics, copy writing and editing, and leading teams. 


How can I help you?


Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

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Marketing & Strategy Planning

A solid marketing strategy is a critical factor in growing and sustaining your business. Most businesses don't have this expertise inhouse, nor do they have the time to dedicate to it. As a skilled marketing strategist, I can work with you to create a solid plan to ensure your success. 

Business Team

Digital Marketing Services

You don't need to hire a full marketing team to have access to highly professional marketing services. That's what I'm here for. I can provide you with what you need when you need it - website editing, SEO, navigation, content creation, copy writing, advertising, event marketing and more.

Signing a Contract

Project Management

Project management is an art and a science. Successful project management takes specific skills and practice. This is a favorite passion of mine, having run projects from market research to business development and partnerships, to sales office build-outs.

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Social Media Marketing

Keeping up to date with social media marketing can be a daunting task for any organization. I can help build and expand your social media presence, from strategy, to content creation, scheduling, posting, tracking and analytics. I'll run with this so you can get back to running your business!

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